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What Are The Mugs And Mugs
Nov 16, 2018

What are the mugs and mugs?


What is a mug? The mug is a transliteration, because the English name of the mug is mug. Since entering the country, it has become popular in many restaurants and families because of its diversified appearance, low price and many other advantages. How many kinds of mugs are there? The following is a brief introduction to the classification of mugs and mugs.

1. What is a mug?

The mug is a large cup because the English name of the mug is mug, so it is translated into a mug. Mug is a kind of home cup, usually used in milk, coffee, tea and other hot drinks. Some western countries also use the habit of drinking soup when they work and rest. The cup body is usually cylindrical or cylindrical in shape, and has a handle on one side of the cup.

Two. Classification of mugs

Zipper Mug

Let's start with a simple design. The designer designed a zipper on the body of the mug, leaving an opening naturally. This opening is not a decoration. With this opening, the suspension rope of the tea bag can be comfortably laid here without running around. The design is both practical and styling.

Double Mug

Whether it's brewing coffee or tea, you have to use very hot water, so hot water will always hot your hands. This time, the designer came up with a solution, making the cup into two layers, which is not only conducive to heat preservation, but also not hot hands, killing two birds with one stone.

Electric mug.

How do you do it without a teaspoon? No, we have electric stirring mugs. Coffee, fruit and milk tea are all ready to be stirred, and all the buttons are ready.

Alphabet Mug

At the meeting, everyone brought a cup, and it was awkward to use the wrong one. Alphabetic mugs help you solve this problem. The handle of each mug is designed to be a letter, one letter for each person, and it will never be misused.

Lock Mug

It's OK to accidentally use the wrong mug. If someone secretly uses your cup, it will be really depressed. The designer has made a keyhole for the cup, and you have your own key, and a cup corresponds to a key. Only when the correct key is inserted into the keyhole can the cup be used. Such a powerful way to prevent embezzlement will make your cup special.

Stains Mug

I fear others can use their own cups to do this, and get a dirty mug. There's always a stain on the mug, isn't it disgusting? But take a closer look. The original stain is a landscape painting. Designers will design different landscapes into stained shapes, printed in the mug interior, very low-key gorgeous oh.

Chameleon Mug

When hot water or warm water is poured into the cup, the pattern outside the cup will change according to the temperature of the cup, also known as the oz color cup. When the drinking cup is poured into hot water, the thermosensitive liquid in the sandwich chamber will change its color and elevate into the graphic channel of the inner cup, which will make the cup wall show artistic patterns and make people enjoy beauty and art.

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