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Types Of Coffee Cups
Nov 13, 2018

Types of coffee cups


It's a natural thing to drink coffee just like drinking water. But for a good cup of coffee, besides careful baking and exquisite operation skills, the coffee cup also plays an extremely important role. Next, I'll let you know more about coffee cups.


Basically, coffee cups can never react with coffee, so active metals can never make coffee cups (if you want to pursue alternative flavors, of course) such as aluminium cups. Coffee cup body should be thick, cup mouth is not wide, cup makes coffee hot gas condensation, not easy to quickly cool, do not affect the taste and taste of coffee.


Traditional coffee cups can be divided into 3 categories.


The first one is a small coffee cup with a capacity of less than 100 milliliters, and the volume of coffee is between 50-70 milliliters.


The second one is an ordinary coffee cup with a capacity of less than 200 milliliters, with a full coffee volume of 150-180 milliliters.


The third is a cup of 300 cups or so without a chassis and a cup of French coffee. Of course, in order to make some beautiful and beautiful fancy coffee, we also use various glass goblets, beer cups and so on. But not in a pure coffee cup.


There are many kinds of coffee cups, such as porcelain, pottery, stainless steel, Bone China and so on. Porcelain and pottery are glazed firing, the texture of pottery is rough, slightly absorbent, if the glaze color falls off, that part is easy to be polluted and washed out; the quality of porcelain is fine, not absorbent, of course, the price will be much higher.


Bone China cup has good thermal insulation, which can keep coffee warm in the cup, but the price is very high; double stainless steel cup has super thermal insulation, durability and will not be worn, the price is slightly better than bone china coffee, but it lacks aesthetics.

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