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The Expression Of Gift Porcelain
Nov 10, 2018

"Gift porcelain" is a kind of special porcelain. There are not only gifts, but also souvenirs; there are practical utensils, and ornamental ornaments, the main ways of expression are as follows;

One is homonym, such as Chinese wolfberry and chrysanthemum, which is the homonym of living with chrysanthemum, which means living for a long time to celebrate one's birthday; drawing a pair of white-headed anemones perched on a branch to congratulate the newly married couple on their old age; drawing two quails in a bottle to say "peace and security"; painting a magpie falling on a plum branch to say "happy eyebrow tip". Wait.

The second is symbols, such as extending longevity with the blessing of pine and crane; wishing husband and wife love with Mandarin ducks; wishing many sons with pomegranates; showing richness with peony, etc.

Third, homophonic plus symbols, such as bats, sea and cranes, peony composition of the picture, bless such as the East China Sea, rich and honorable extension of life; peony plus white-headed Pulsatilla, said "rich and honorable white-headed" and so on.

The four is allusion, that is, the wishes of history, myths and legends. Such as bamboo forest seven sages, three Gu Mao Lu and so on.

The main features are: porcelain like refined products. The traditional crude porcelain products in residents'homes have become history, replaced by thin-bodied tea products with fine porcelain and gold-carved paintings, which give people a solemn and elegant sense of beauty. The pursuit of modeling technology products. The style of household ceramics purchased by residents has changed from simplicity to complexity, from equality to diversity, and gradually to focus on the shape, lines and beautiful style. Pursue the complete set of products. From the point of view of the consumption structure of daily-use ceramics, it has become "zero-to-whole" and tends to be serialized and integrated, thus the sales potential of ordinary single products is weakened. Choosing and purchasing methods of daily-use ceramics products have many advantages, such as bright color, beautiful appearance, easy to wash, low price, etc. However, because of the fragility of ceramics, it needs to be supplemented frequently in the family.

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