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The Culture And Art Of Ceramic Mugs Has A Long History.
Aug 20, 2018

The development of the Ceramic Mug industry witnesses the progress of China's cup culture

As one of the Chinese national cultures, the Ceramic Mug culture is nurtured, grown and developed in the national motherland. It is a living artistic image that embodies the creator's emotions, carries the fragrance of the earth, and retains the enthusiasm of the creators. It expresses the national culture, narrates a beautiful story, shows a broad picture of social life, records the joys and sorrows of the mortal beings, describes the development and changes of the nation's psychology, spirit and character, and moves forward with the joy and sorrow of the nation. .

The Han Dynasty economy was restored, and all aspects of society were developed, showing different characteristics of the times from the Qin Dynasty. The content and artistic style of pottery and plastics have also changed. No matter whether it is a character or an animal, the scene is not like the realism of the Qin Dynasty ceramics, and strives for the realistic and detailed scribing of the form, but focuses on the overall Grasping the spiritual connotation of the object, paying attention to the characterization of the gods, not the details of the truth, emphasizing the role of the momentum and expression vocabulary in the image shaping, showing a kind of unrestrained, flying and flowing aesthetic style, and this is exactly The aesthetic characteristics of the Han Dynasty.

In ancient times, human beings were part of nature, and his life and thoughts were inseparable from the whole nature. As an important part of human life supplies, porcelain has also become an important carrier for human beings to express their awe of nature and struggle with nature. Whether it is the comfort scene of the pigs, horses, cattle and sheep on the pottery, or the magnificent scene of people's collective hunting, they are vividly preserved on the pottery.

These works, which are realistic and realistic, are imagining the confusion, joy and struggle of the ancestors. The scene of rushing and calling in the wild and barbaric is heart-rending. The cultural speciality of the Ceramic Mug is not only that it reflects a wide range of social life, nature, culture, customs, philosophy, ideas, but also the way it reflects. It is a three-dimensional national cultural carrier, or a static national cultural dance. This is determined by the characteristics of the ceramic. One piece of work, no matter the subject matter or style, is like a note, beating, playing, synthesizing the melody of ceramic culture. These melody, some excitement, some deep, some enthusiasm, some reason, some colorful, some natural, constitute an unparalleled inspirational large-scale symphony of Chinese ceramic culture!

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