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How To Identify Daily Ceramic Mugs?
Aug 20, 2018

Teach you how to identify a daily Ceramic Mug?

1. Look:

Mainly to see the color and texture of daily-use ceramics with eyes. Fine ceramic color is relatively monotonous, mainly yellow, pink, light blue, etc.; whiteness is low, generally below 65 degrees; painting is monotonous, mostly decorated with different lines and simple patterns. The daily-use porcelain has bright colors and rich patterns; the whiteness is high, generally above 70 degrees, and the porcelain is translucent. From the processing point of view, when the fine ceramics are fired, they are supported by three needles. Ceramic Mug Therefore, there are three points at the bottom of the pottery, such as the size of the needle eye, which are not glazed. These three points become equilateral triangles. The rest is glazed. The daily-use porcelain is supported by a tray when glazing, so there is always one circle at the bottom without glazing. The parts that are not glazed are rough, and their width and position vary depending on the processing. Some rough surfaces are at the bottom of the bowl, and some are on the inside of the bottom of the bowl.

2. Touch:

Touched by hand, the same size of pottery and porcelain, Ceramic Mug the edge of the pottery is thick, while the edge of the porcelain is thin.

3. 掂:

The weight of the ceramics by hand is the same, the size of the pottery is lighter, and the porcelain is heavier because the density of the porcelain is higher than that of the pottery.

4. Listen:

Use your fingers to play the edge of the ceramic, listen to the sound, the sound of the pottery is thick, boring, sinking; the sound of the porcelain is crisp, loud, and the sound is long.

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