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High-grade Ceramic Mugs Are Highly Resistant To Attack
Aug 20, 2018

Ceramic Mugs are not ordinary cups, they have distinctive characteristics.

Due to the existence of the Ceramic Mug, the molten iron is not directly in contact with the carbon brick, and the structural design has alleviated the damage of the molten iron and the alkaline substance to the penetration, erosion and erosion of the carbon brick, and the mullite and the brown corundum are all used. Advanced ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance and erosion resistance. Eliminate the embrittlement of large carbon bricks.

Increased hot metal temperature and reduced heat loss: Ceramic Mugs are made of a material that is less thermally conductive than carbon bricks, acting as a barrier to reduce heat loss through the furnace bottom and the hearth. Correspondingly, the molten iron can maintain a relatively high temperature, which creates good energy-saving conditions for the next step of the converter production.

Environmentally friendly Ceramic Mugs reduce the use of disposable cups. The Ceramic Mug is non-toxic and increases the alumina content. The product is more sturdy and can be safely used in microwave ovens, dishwashers and ovens. At high temperatures, it is easy to damage the silicone parts.

If the Ceramic Mug is mixed with a metallic kitchen utensil, the dirt will be stained on the ceramic. Please separate cleaning. Scratches may occur when cleaning ceramics with a rough material such as steel balls or abrasives. Use a sponge (gauze) and a neutral detergent to clean.

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