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Ceramic Packaging Should Pay Attention To Those
Nov 19, 2018

Ceramic packaging should pay attention to those?

For fragile products such as ceramic crafts, it is necessary to minimize the damage caused by transportation and circulation process. Transportation packaging or cushioning packaging plays a key role here. The main forms of existing transport packaging are:


Outer packing


The outer packing is an effective way to protect fragile goods from damage. It is usually required that the outer packaging of fragile goods should have a certain compressive strength and puncture strength, which can protect the fragile goods intact under normal transportation and storage and palletizing conditions.


The most typical and most commonly used fragile products are corrugated boxes. Some large and heavy breakable products are packed in honeycomb cardboard boxes, partly lighter or self compacting.


The products with high strength, such as glass empty cans, are transported with pallets and wrapped in film instead of corrugated cartons.


No matter what kind of fragile package, the word "fragile" and the corresponding pattern should be marked at the upper left corner of the four sides.


Corrugated box


Corrugated box is the most widely used transport packaging container at present. Commonly used fragile goods, corrugated boxes for outer packing are made of three or five layers of corrugated cardboard.


If wrapped in corrugated paper, it is better for the ceramics gifts to reach the finished products in the hands of customers, which not only satisfies the customers, but also avoids disputes with customers due to the destruction of the products caused by transportation. At the same time, it will reduce product cost and improve product cost.


Therefore, ceramic packaging is also very important, which is also related to the image and integrity of enterprises.

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