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Why do middle-aged and old people like to drink tea in Ceramic Mugs?
Aug 20, 2018

Ceramics is a product with Chinese traditional characteristics. Whether it is daily necessities or decorations, we can see ceramic materials, and the quantity is still quite a lot. Ceramic Mugs are one of many ceramic products. They are also used in life. Compared with young people who like to use stainless steel vacuum flasks or vacuum cups, middle-aged and older people choose more Ceramic Mugs. What charm?

1. Compared with plastic cups, Ceramic Mugs have less harmful gases and substances brought by plastic cups. According to experts, long-term use of plastic cups may cause cancer.

2, the Ceramic Mug is completely harmless, it will not be like a metal cup, long-term use may have the possibility of ingesting harmful metals.

3. Due to the existence of the Ceramic Mug, the molten iron is not directly in contact with the carbon brick, and the structural design has alleviated the damage of the molten iron and alkaline substances on the carbon brick, such as penetration, erosion, erosion, etc., and the mullite, brown corundum, etc. They are high-grade ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance and erosion resistance. Eliminate the embrittlement of large carbon bricks.

4. Increased hot metal temperature and reduced heat loss: The Ceramic Mug is composed of a material with lower thermal conductivity than the carbon brick, which acts as a barrier, thereby reducing heat loss through the bottom of the furnace and the hearth. Correspondingly, the molten iron can maintain a relatively high temperature, which creates good energy-saving conditions for the next step of the converter production.

5, easy to re-wind operation: due to the thermal insulation of the Ceramic Mug, during the blast furnace off the heat, the heat loss is reduced, which is conducive to normal operation during re-winding.

6. Prevent leakage of molten iron: Since the °C isotherm, that is, the molten iron solidification line abuts against the inner surface of the lining, it is moved closer to the inside of the lining, and the brick joint is shrunk due to the slight residual of the expansion of the refractory material, thus the molten iron The penetration is limited so that the risk of burning through the hearth is minimized.

The advantages of the Ceramic Mug can be reflected not only in its usability, but also the Ceramic Mug making process makes the Ceramic Mug have a good appearance. It is a good gift for many people during the festival, beautiful and beautiful, especially young people. The gift of choice for the elders of the family.

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