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What is the effect of drinking green tea in Ceramic Mug?
Aug 20, 2018

Ceramic Mugs are a kind of cup that is relatively good in quality in society today. The chemical elements inside the Ceramic Mug are used less and the water is more healthy. In society today, many people's jobs need to face the computer. The use of computers is very important. However, the long-term use of the computer is very harmful to the eyes. Drinking green has a good relief effect. So what about using a Ceramic Mug to drink green tea and glass of green tea?

Cup green tea is suitable for high-grade green tea, such as first-grade and second-grade green tea, green tea, green tea, green tea and green tea. It is suitable for taste, taste or quenching thirst. Generally, after observing the color, fragrance and shape of the tea, it is brewed into the cup. It is advisable to take the "Chinese Investment Method" or the "Dropping Method", brew it with boiling water at 95-100 °C, cover the lid to prevent the fragrance from dissipating, keep the water temperature, and promote the tea body to accelerate the sinking of the bottom of the cup. After 3-5 minutes, open the lid, smell the tea, taste the tea, depending on the degree of tea soup, drink to three open. This method of brewing is more convenient for tea and tea during office hours.

Glass cup green tea, suitable for drinking delicate green tea, easy to fully appreciate the shape and quality of famous tea. Before you drink, enjoy the color, fragrance and shape of dried green tea. Take a cup of tea and place it on a white paper with no odor to watch the tea form. The shape of famous tea, depending on the variety, or strip, or flat, or snail, or needle... Appreciate the green tea making process, check the color of green tea leaves, or green, or dark green, or yellow-green, or more... Dry and sniff the aroma of green tea, or creamy, or chestnut, or saute, or indescribable fresh tea... Fully appreciate the regional natural charm of various famous teas, called “tea appreciation”. Then enter the brewing.

Drinking tea actually has a lot of things to pay attention to. If you are a life-conscious consumer, you know that the taste and effect of the tea made from different materials is different. We always have a lot of life, there will be some time to write, and choosing to use green tea to drink green tea is a very good choice.

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