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What is the difference between Ceramic Mugs and glasses?
Aug 20, 2018

Drinking water is very necessary in life, so choosing the right cup becomes very important. There are many types of cups in life. We also have a lot of choices. Most consumers now choose a few in stainless steel vacuum flasks, Ceramic Mugs, and vacuum cups. This time, let's talk about the difference between Ceramic Mugs and vacuum cups.

1 Fragile: It is not easy to generalize that glass is more brittle than ceramic. Because there is a kind of ceramic called white cloud porcelain, the strength is not much larger than the plaster. You can crush the mouth of the cup with a little more force. Also in the glass is a class called borosilicate glass, which is similar to tempered glass. It is also the main material used as a glass tea set in recent years. Glass is more brittle than ceramics in the usual materials. Usually ceramic tea has a gap and is barely usable. But the glass is broken and it is absolutely useless.

2. Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of ceramics is worse than that of glass. If the hot water is poured into the Ceramic Mug and glass without the cup, the heat transfer of the glass is not good for the hand. But ceramic tea sets can slowly transfer heat without getting hot. Similarly, the tea in the glass will cool faster and is not conducive to heat preservation. Therefore, many glass tea sets are usually double insulated or with cup handles.

3. Safety: It is not engaged in the manufacturing industry, but when it comes to the export of glass products, it is exempt from inspection. The export of ceramic products is subject to commodity inspection. Ceramic glazing is safe, but if there is no glazing in some places, the embryo body is exposed, there will be a slight lead, cadmium release.

The difference between the Ceramic Mug and the glass can be understood from the above three aspects, and the benefits of different material cups are also different. Consumers can choose the type of cup they want based on their needs.

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