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What ingredients are there in ceramic cups
Nov 10, 2018

What ingredients are there in ceramic cups?


The main components of ceramic cups are kaolin, clay, porcelain stone, porcelain clay, colorant, blue and white material, lime glaze, lime alkali glaze, etc. The ceramic cup of Jingdezhen is mainly made of kaolin ceramic material, and it is a clay composed mainly of kaolinite. First discovered in Kaoling village in northeastern Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province. Its chemical experimental formula is Al203.2Si02.2H20, and the percentage of weight is 39.50%, 46.54% and 13.96% respectively. Pure kaolin is densely or loosely lump, and its appearance is white and light gray. When polluted by other impurities, it can be black-brown, pink, beige, etc., with a slippery feeling, easy to knead into powder by hand, white color after calcination, high refractory, is an excellent raw material for making porcelain.

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