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What aspects should be paid attention to in the inspection of Ceramic Mugs for daily use?
Aug 20, 2018

Ceramic Mugs are a kind of water cup that we often use in daily life. The ceramic material is also very Chinese. With the development of society, people's requirements for Ceramic Mugs are getting higher and higher, and related departments will also be ceramics. The quality of the cup is tested:

First, the inspection

When exporting daily-use ceramics for inspection, the “Outbound Goods Inspection Form” shall be filled out, and the original inspection result list issued by the foreign trade contract (sales confirmation or order), letter of credit, relevant correspondence, production or quality inspection department shall be provided.

Second, sampling

1. The product with the same firing time, temperature, composition, glaze color or pattern is an export ceramic inspection batch.

2. Check the name, quantity, grade, flower number, type and specification of the exported ceramics. After the Shantou and the commodity inspection batch number are correct, the specified number of samples are randomly selected from the well-packaged boxes according to the stacking conditions and sampling standards.

Third, the test

1. Appearance: Appearance inspection of the samples taken one by one.

2. Lead and cadmium: If the foreign trade contract or the government of the importing country has provisions on the amount of lead and cadmium dissolved, the inspection shall be carried out according to the prescribed standards and methods; if there is no regulation, the inspection shall be carried out according to the national standards of China.

3. Physical properties: If the foreign trade contract has provisions on the physical property test, it shall be inspected according to the regulations; if there is no regulation, it may be taken from time to time according to the national standards of China.

4. Packaging: At the same time of sampling, the inner and outer packaging should be inspected. Packaging should be consistent with the requirements of firm, dry, clean, complete, suitable for long-distance transportation.

Fourth, re-inspection

The export ceramics failed to pass the inspection once, and the inspection personnel were allowed to re-inspect and re-inspect the inspection and quarantine institutions after rework. A rework report should be attached to the re-inspection after rework, but only rework is allowed.

5. The daily inspection of export ceramics is valid for one year.

The use of Ceramic Mugs is a safer and healthier type in Chinese cups. It is not used to make tea leaves discoloration like stainless steel thermos. Therefore, many people who like tea drink like to use Ceramic Mugs, but remind the pro We should do a good job after using the Ceramic Mug.

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