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Misunderstandings you may have when customizing Ceramic Mugs
Aug 20, 2018

Consumers must be familiar with it, often see it in daily life, and use it very much. Ceramic Mugs can be used to draw your favorite patterns on it. That is, it can be customized with Ceramic Mugs. However, there are a series of misunderstandings for consumers who customize a lot of Ceramic Mugs. This time, the Ceramic Mug manufacturer will simply tell you to change your basic mistakes.

Is the Ceramic Mug perfect for your imagination?

The texture, shape, glaze, pattern, and expression of the Ceramic Mug will inevitably lead to a pursuit of beauty. For the beauty of things, all people have a feeling of perfection. I hope it is perfect. The flawless Ceramic Mugs are of course there. It's just that this is a very high level. Not all custom Ceramic Mugs must meet this standard, but we must make trade-offs and choices based on actual needs, cost budget and best price/performance ratio.

The finished product of the Ceramic Mug is glazed and fired at a temperature of more than 1000 degrees, which has a certain yield. For example, put 100 Ceramic Mugs into the kiln to burn the glaze. The result of the glaze is not that the 100 Ceramic Mugs are beautiful and bright. To be honest, it is difficult to reach 100% of the things under the sun. of. The so-called gold is not the right thing. Ceramics are even more difficult to achieve. According to conventional experience, after 100 Ceramic Mugs are burned out, about 30% of the products are relatively perfect, and about 50% of the products belong to a relatively balanced index, and about 10% are somewhat small. Oh, but it doesn't affect the use. About 10% of the remaining is a defective product that cannot be used. Of course, the ratios mentioned here are not necessarily accurate, just to show you a rough range of Ceramic Mug quality classification. The Ceramic Mugs of the first three cases are combined to be the currency that we usually use to customize.

The first time you customize a Ceramic Mug, the easiest thing to entangle is the quality. Do you have to have any flaws? In fact, no ceramic factory in the world can make all the products perfect.

The second problem that will be encountered is the price. Everyone who buys something wants to buy the best product at the lowest price. This is naturally not wrong. But at the same time, please don't forget a very reasonable saying that the ancients said: a penny! It may be the same quality, the price quoted by different factories will be different, after all, the actual cost of each home is different. You only need to choose a price that is moderately priced and feel that the factory is more reliable. I personally do not recommend to pursue the so-called cheapest. Cheap things naturally have its cheap reason. But the cost of cheaper compression is recessive. If you run into a problem, you will find that the cheapest is not necessarily the most cost-effective. So don't look at the price. In addition to the price, we must weigh these factors: the degree of cooperation of the factory, the attitude of the factory, whether it is responsible, and the handling of logistics damage. Of course, under the current e-commerce conditions, buyers and sellers have not actually met and it is difficult to identify them. You can only make judgments from the factory's attitude towards you in the online chat or telephone communication with the factory. Finally choose one that you feel is appropriate and satisfactory. But you must not make choices solely on the basis of price. If this is the case, you have a high probability of regretting the original choice afterwards.

The general use of Ceramic Mugs is the promotion of goods, which can be added to your company's logo for packaging and purchase. Or some activities for performance and awards. Ceramic Mug customization is a good choice. Even the use of life.

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