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How to make the pattern on the Ceramic Mug
Aug 20, 2018

The application of ceramics is very extensive. There are many products that can be used for making. Ceramics has always been a good milestone in our country. There are also good methods for making ceramic patterns. Ceramic Mug manufacturers tell you.

There are several steps to complete the baking of a cup, the first step, printing paper. Popularly speaking, the flower paper is a very thin film. The professional point is called polyvinyl butyral film. The pattern on the film is printed on the film. This is the printing paper process and the premise of the cup baking.

The flower paper was printed, and then the second step, the decal. This step is very simple, just stick the good flower paper on the cup. However, when decals are used, the paper should be very flat and completely attached to the cup. There should be no air bubbles in the middle, and the printed part should not have wrinkles. Otherwise, the cup will explode when it is baked at high temperature. The situation of flowers (that is, the printed part is spent). But because the Ceramic Mug is not a standard part, all the decals should be hand-applied by the applique workers. This is why the ten identical patterns of the cups we can see are placed in a row, and the printed patterns are not in a straight line. It is.

After the cup is finished, the next step is to bake flowers. This step is even simpler. Put the paper-stuffed cup into the kiln and bake it at high temperature. The key to baking flowers is temperature. The temperature is limited by the color of the paper and the material of the Ceramic Mug. That is to say, different colors need to be baked at different temperatures in order to make a better product. If the temperature is lower than the temperature required by the color, the printed pattern is not glossy, and the color is not bright. If the temperature is higher than the temperature required by the color, the printed pattern will become pale and white, even if it is not printed. However, the material of the Ceramic Mug also affects the temperature of the roasted flower, because the temperature of the roasted flower is just enough to melt the glaze on the Ceramic Mug. At this time, the ceramic toner on the flower paper will penetrate into the glaze, and wait until After the product is cooled down, the color and the Ceramic Mug are integrated, so that the Ceramic Mug does not fade. If the temperature of the roasted flower is too low, the glaze of the Ceramic Mug has not yet begun to change and the baking has been completed. Then the printed color is only attached to the surface of the Ceramic Mug, and if the pattern is wiped with a wet towel, it will fall off.

The Ceramic Mug completes the baking process and completes the entire process of printing the pattern. However, it should be noted that neither the film of the paper nor the various pigments printed on the film are non-toxic and harmless. The film of the paper is called polyvinyl butyral film, which is made of butyral and alcohol. The various colors printed on the film are ceramic special pigments, that is, various soils and stones. Class of things.

The difference between the stainless steel vacuum flask, the vacuum cup and the Ceramic Mug is that the appearance does not have the exquisite appearance of the Ceramic Mug. Although it has its own characteristics, the Ceramic Mug must be paid attention to safety when it is used, otherwise it will be easily broken.

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