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Historical development of Ceramic Mugs
Aug 20, 2018

Ceramic Mugs are believed to be familiar to many consumers. In life, we always use Ceramic Mugs to drink water or treat guests. In fact, Ceramic Mugs are not modern. The Ceramic Mugs have many benefits. The ancient Ceramic Mugs have been constantly changing and developing since a long time ago. This time, Ceramic Mug manufacturers talk about the historical development of Ceramic Mugs.

The three-colored glazed pottery cups and stencil pots in the Tang Dynasty were the most distinctive. At that time, there was also a set of drinking utensils with a combination of several small cups.

During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the cup had many straight mouths, shallow abdomen, circled feet or high feet, and the soles of the feet were flared. The Song Cup wins with glaze, such as Longquan Kiln and Guan, Ge, Yi, and each kiln. The black color decoration under the glaze of Cizhou Kiln is quite distinct.

The cup has a thick fetal bone. The heart of the cup is often printed with small flowers and grasses. The cups are the most delicate in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The tires are light and thin, and the glaze is warm and sleek.

In the Ming Dynasty, there were famous Yongle pressure cups, Chenghua bucket color high-foot cups, chicken cylinder cups, etc., and high-foot cups were seen in the early and middle.

In the Qing Dynasty, there were many straight mouths, deep abdomen, abdomen with or without a handle, and there were separate or covered ones. The decorative techniques were rich and varied, including blue and white, multicolored, pastel and various monochrome glazes.

The style of drinking tea in the Southern and Northern Dynasties gradually became popular. The tea buds in the Tang and Five Dynasties were most famous in the South Yue Kiln and the Northern Xing Kiln. In the Tang Dynasty, the tea buds were also called "瓯", and Lu Yu said in the "Tea Classics": "On the Yuezhou State, the lips are not rolled, the bottom is shallow and shallow, and it is half-literated." This shows the general shape of the kiln.

Ceramic Mugs believe that many consumers know that it is a tea set that is fired. The ceramic industry in China has been developing very long ago, so the Ceramic Mugs will have many years of history. The above simple expression of some historical processes and styles of the Ceramic Mugs, and interested consumers can learn more.

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